• We offer more, <br><span>so you can too</span>

    We offer more,
    so you can too

    Delivering quality e-Commerce sites that suits to your business requirements.

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  • Responsive sites <span>and CMS</span>

    Responsive sites and CMS

    Delivering responsive websites that will render almost on all devices, and providing you CMS that allow you to update site content without any skills.

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    A Few Words About Us


    We Established in 1992 to support the growing need for service management applications in the IT and mobile device market place PCCS Group has developed over its 25 years into an all encompassing services solutions company with ERP software provision as its foundation. We remain focused around the after sales and support service sectors yet now work with a variety of industries who have a need to control workflow within a service event from: IT, FM and Insurance companies who critically have to balance the commercial impact of the precious resources of people and material against a budget and SLA.

    Skyline MicroSites Overview


    We aim to provide SME's with websites which are fully responsive and intuitive to use, plus a complete e-Shop, Analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure you site is top of Google’s Ranking. Whether you want to hard sell or a simple business profile, SkyLine MicroSites will deliver a complete site to suit any requirements.


    With over 3 billion people worldwide (40% of the world population) now having access to the internet, with over half of those users on social media, the importance of a digital business profile in the current era cannot be underestimated. When utilised correctly, digital profiles can be an invaluable asset to any business and when done successfully, can become the driving force that elevates business’ into a different league.


    We understand the transition between physical store and e-Shop can be a laborious process, with SkyLine MicroSites we provide a comprehensive system in which you can manage products, site content, on-line media and have access to our dedicated Tech Support team. You are fully supported through the entire process and afterwards.


    In less than 10 working days we can have your new website up and running. Our web team will take care of everything from hosting and domains to content curation and logo redesign, with SkyLine MicroSites you are never left in the dark. On top of all this, if you are already a Skyline customer you can integrate your CMS site with SkyLine and track your business details anywhere.

    Skyline MicroSites Key features

    Logo Design

    It’s a whole new environment we are creating for you so to complement your new website we are offering an extra special service. Our web team will work with you to facelift or redesign your company logo.

    Customisable Websites

    We will personalise your site based on your company logo, text and images. Don’t worry, if you are struggling for content we will provide you with some Industry specific text and images that are also designed to improve your SEO rating.

    Rapid Setup

    Thanks to a lot of hard work and forward thinking your new site can be up and running in less than 10 working days. Complete with Industry links, Google Map locator, Net Promoter Score & Testimonial Widgets and much more…

    Integration Skyline with your CMS site.

    This feature will allow your customers to check their job details from skyline via your new website which is accessible on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

    Online Job Tracking

    Using the same new technology customers can track the progress of their jobs via your new website with instant results.

    Trade Portal

    The trade portal is a customised page you can distribute free to your customers. It will display their logos and colour scheme and allow quick and easy job booking and tracking.

    Industry Specific Store

    We have integrated a new community shopping experience. The new store enables you to list your products extremely quickly and market them to all other Microsite and all-yours registered users with no additional listing fees. We will also market your products on Amazon to drive customers towards your products and ultimately back to your new website.

    Content Management

    We will manage your website content changes and assist you with listing new products.

    Technical Support

    PCCS host the technical support team for Skyline and Microsites. If you have any issues there is just 1 number to call.

    Search Engline Optimisation (SEO)

    Our preloaded links, key words, and industry first features will promote your website on the internet to ensure your listing is fully maximised.

    Social Media Interface

    Display your testimonials and Net promoter score ratings on Facebook, let others know how exceptional your service is.


    Rackspace is the world’s service leader in managed hosting, therefore it was our first choice. Hosting doesn’t get any better than this.

    Skyline MicroSites Pricing Table


    £99.99 / month
    • Bespoke Company Website
    • Shop Window Pages
    • Content Management
    • User Interface
    • Free Website Hosting
    • Google Analytics & Reporting
    • Mobile Device Friendly
    • Technical Support

    E-commerce Shopping Site

    Including everything in
    option-1 plus
    £149.99 / month
    • E-commerce Shopping site
    • Up to 5000 Self-Managed Products
    • Payment Gateway Interface
    • Single Product Imports
    • Bulk Product Uploads

    E-commerce Shopping Site Enterprise Edition.

    Includes everything in
    options 1 & 2
    • Unlimited Self-Managed Products
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    • Single Product Imports
    • Account Management
    • Stock Management
    • Amazon & EBay Interfaces
    • Advanced levels of SEO

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